Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 on 10

i made a fort for the kids in the basement.

lots of fun to be had with their new play dough toys.

matching sweaters...i've never been one for matching outfits, but my little lady saw these sweaters at old ladies (that's what she calls old navy) and she wanted to get them.  i gave in.

i hung up my paper snowflakes that i made last year.

took my kids' pictures of them and their quilts my mom made. she needed pictures for her new website she has...check it out here!  she's an amazing quilter!

we had leak in our drain pipe that we had to get fixed.  check out the old 70s flooring!

my man has been working on some of the repairs.

i took this picture with my phone when my kiddos went with me to the neurologist.  we had an anatomy lesson right there on the spot.  they loved talking about the skeleton.  i did find out that some of my headaches are migraines.  finally, an answer to all of my painful headaches!

out to lunch with these two cuties!

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