Saturday, December 1, 2012

hello December

i've decided that it would be fun to do this for the month of December...

and here is my pic for today...

if you came over, you would see it hanging on the dining room wall.

i just love boxwood wreaths, more so than evergreen wreaths.

it's just simple and pretty...two things i love.


  1. I love boxwood also! Cool photo challenge.

  2. I have decided that I need to come to your house and get inspiration and then take you shopping with me! I always love the very simple things that you have in your house and together they all make such a huge impact.

  3. I completely agree, Andrea!!! I'm trying to follow your blog more, Melissa, and I always love the fun things you do! I made the utensil holders you had made and the kids loved coloring them! Thank you for who you are and not being ashamed of who God created you to be!!!!