Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the things we say

i saw this and thought it was kind of funny.  obviously, it's part true and also a bit over exaggerated.

it does remind me how real some of the comments are and things people have said to us.

most of the time, i love the questions people ask about our two adopted kiddos.   it's a subject that i'm passionate about and love sharing our story.

however, there is also a part of each of our kid's adoption story that i'm very protective about and don't offer a lot of information.  mainly because it's not my place to's for them to tell.    they have the right to hear their histories from us first, and then it's for them to decide whether to share it or not.

adoption has been the biggest blessing in our lives.  i love how adopting our two children has given me a deeper understanding into my own relationship with Jesus and the amazing gift i've received by being adopted into His family.

i'm blessed by His unconditional love.  it's a great model for the love i need to give to my children.

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