Tuesday, September 25, 2012


over the summer when my parents were here, i was talking to them and my husband, and i mentioned that i wanted to become a beekeeper.  not professionally, but just have a bee hive in my backyard.

their immediate response was laughter and they thought i was crazy!

i've gotten the same reaction from several others too.  i know it might seem crazy, but to me i was actually serious.  you see, if anyone has known me for any length of time, they should know that my crazy ideas usually turn into reality.  i love life and love trying new things and this just sounds fun to me.  i first started thinking about it when i thought about having my own honey right at my fingertips.  mostly, to eat to help with my allergies.  by consuming local raw honey, your body can eventually develop an immunity to local pollens that you may be allergic to.   that's me...allergic to everything!

last week, i went to a free presentation at my local library that was all about honeybees.  i learned so much...how the hive operates, how the honey is produced, different kinds of honeybees, etc.  now, i just need to sign up for classes that will teach me how to be a beekeeper.  there are several classes i will take and they will walk me through the whole process.  i know i'm not the only crazy person out there since there are classes being offered.

stay tuned as i share my journey with you!

did you know that my name means...honeybee???

ok, mom & dad...stop laughing...you should have known i was serious!

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  1. I love you and your zest for life, our little honeybee...