Thursday, September 20, 2012

curious george family fun night

last weekend, we had a curious george themed family fun night. usually our family fun nights are just in the night time, but i couldn't resist stretching the fun out over the day. i also love having the kiddos wake up to a fun surprise.

i decorated the night before. i didn't buy anything for this family night, just used what i had. i had an old curious george book that i had previously used in another project and used it here to make bunting.

i had bought this "witch hat" pancake mold last year to use for this purpose...the man's yellow hat. you can create so much with food coloring and pancake batter!

in the afternoon we made monkey masks.

the kids helped me make banana bread.

we played curious george hide and seek zoo. we've had this game for several years and they still love to play it. do you have it? it would make another great Christmas gift!

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