Thursday, August 2, 2012

water balloons & shaving cream

when i was in 4th or 5th grade, my brother and i got in big trouble.

you see, my brother and i had just finished our school year and that afternoon we got busted for playing with my dad's shaving cream. earlier that day, we had played games at school that involved filling water balloons with shaving cream. we wanted to continue the fun, so we got our hands on dad's shaving cream and went outside. we had a ton of fun, but probably made a big mess...i can't remember that part, but we must have. because when my dad got home we got in trouble. we were grounded for a week...pretty harsh! i guess they got their point across because we never played with dad's shaving cream again.

in honor of my shaving cream days, i gave each of my kiddos a can of shaving cream and told them make a big mess and have lots of fun!

we even had a water balloon fight too.


  1. I love this idea.. giving them each a can of shaving cream and letting them go wild. I will be stealing that idea, thanks ;)

  2. good for you! I can't believe you got in trouble for that!!