Wednesday, August 8, 2012

homemade peach jam

when peaches are only .49 cents a pound, how can i pass up the opportunity to make some jam. this was my first time making peach jam and it was just as easy as making strawberry jam.

first, i dipped the peaches in boiling water for 45 seconds. then removed them and put them in cold ice water. this process helps to remove the skin from the peach.

after the peaches were skinned, i chopped them up and put them it a large pot. i added sugar and lemon juice to the peaches.

then i heated the peach mixture on the stove until it reached a boil. then i added some pectin.

i poured the jam into sterile canning jars and then put them in my canner and cooked then for 10 minutes under a rolling boil.

i used this recipe here.  i bought more peaches today and i'm going to make peach butter next!

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