Tuesday, July 10, 2012


for the last several years, i've dreaded my birthday.

it wasn't because i was getting older, but rather wanting something that i didn't have and with every birthday that came and went, it was a reminder of what i didn't have. with each year that passed, it has felt like my dreams of being a mom of many, seem to be less and less likely. i know i'm very blessed with the two little ones that i have, but our family doesn't seem complete and usually my birthday is a reminder of that. i'm not sure what God has in store for us and our family of 4. maybe it will only be 4 or maybe God isn't finished. whatever it is, i know His plan is best, even when i don't have all the details. i've decided that this year i didn't want to dread my birthday anymore. rather than focus on what i don't have, i'm choosing to focus on what i do have.  things i love.  things that bring me joy.  and things that make me uniquely His!

1...i'm a child of God.
2...married to an amazing Godly man for almost 12 years.
3...blessed beyond measure by two amazing children.
4...a lover of God's word.  the book of James is my favorite.
5...i'm a chronic furniture re-arranger.
6...i could be totally fine with losing all my belongings except for photos...they're priceless.
7...i'm left-handed.  
8...i L.O.V.E. the olympics.  
9...i'm a very passionate and sensitive person.
10...my favorite color is aqua. 
11...i long for the beach.
12...i'm an out-of-the-box thinker.  
13...oil pastels and watercolors are my favorite medium to work with.  
14..i'm a gypsy at heart.  i would love to live in many different places.
15...ceramics was my favorite class in college.  just wish i had my own potter's wheel & kiln.
16...i get excited when i can organize something.  my husband makes fun of me.
17...my first job was working at a movie theater.  i worked there for six years.  i love movies.
18...i love tea. coffee not so much.
19...crepes are my favorite breakfast.
20...rain makes me happy.
21...i'm not afraid to try new things.  i hope my children will follow in this.
22...i love going to flea markets but don't get too excited about garage sales.
23...i love buying shoes.  wedges and flip flops are my favorites.
24...eating seafood is always better at the beach.
25...i have an adventure side to me...i love going fast on a sea-doo and had a blast shooting a gun.
26...there's nothing better than a massage or pedicure.
27...my love language is quality time.  
28...i love fireworks and the 4th of July.
29...i have a type 'a' personality.
30...my favorite thing to play as a kid was school.  i became an elementary school teacher.  
31...i like to paint my toes, but not my finger nails.
32...my camera is my favorite accessory.
33...i would love to own a vw bus.  
34...i'm weird and really enjoy exercise.  
35...my bicycle has a nice big basket on the front and is vintage-looking.   i just feel happy when i'm riding it.
36...i always want God's will over my life than my own.  it's not always easy, but i know He has the best for me, whatever it may be.


  1. Happy Birthday my friend! I hope it was a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday friend!!! I hope you enjoyed your day. I am so encouraged by you looking for the joy even in the hard times.

  3. Happy Birthday girl! Hope you had a great day ;)

  4. Happpy Birthday!!! Great things to love and be thankful for!!!
    I turned 40 this year .. and i understand what you say, time goes so fast and we're busy being mothers, care takers, bill payers... Before you know it .. you're 40 and havent done a lot of the things that you wanted to do.

    Now that our girls are 21 and 13 ~ after 22 years of marriage, Paul and I have finally starting dating. lol

    Have a fun day!