Thursday, July 26, 2012

banana dogs

the other day, it was time for lunch and i hadn't given much thought as to what we would be having.

i looked to see if we had leftovers...none.

bread for bread.

what were we going to eat???

then, i noticed we had a couple of hotdog buns leftover, but no hotdogs. so, i came up with the next best thing...banana dogs!

almond butter, jelly, banana and a bun!

my kids thought it was hilarious and enjoyed every bite!


  1. Those meals are often my kids favorite. There was a lunch that I was out of everything and only had tortillas and peanut butter and banana. That has become one of their favorite and they ask for it often. Way to use your mom sense!

  2. LOL! We do 'tortilla rollups' with a banana, Nutella, and jelly. They say it hits the spot everytime ;)

  3. It looks disgusting but sounds like it worked!