Wednesday, May 9, 2012

my day

i've been working on make these...tissue paper flowers.

they are for my party coming up this weekend.

i'm getting really excited to hang out with my friends and craft!

i've also been putting away all my treasures i found at the flea market this past weekend.

i love the flea market!

i got a later start that morning and didn't find a dresser for my little lady's room.  bummer.   i really need to find one, since i stole hers and it now resides in our family room.  my family has come to learn that nothing is permanent in our house.  things get moved around all the time.

i made this for dinner tonight.    amazingly good.      very easy to make.      and healthy too.

i can't tell you how much better i feel and how much more energy i have!   it's amazing how your body response when you feed it 'real' food and the right amounts.  i started a body pump class 2 weeks ago that is kicking' my butt too.  one hour of lifting break.  can i just say...ouch!

i was reflecting this afternoon about how awful i felt last year...i was so sick...for months.  mostly due to allergies.  i couldn't go outside at all.   i'm so grateful for my allergy treatment!  i'm just so grateful to be healthier this year.  

happy wednesday!

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