Tuesday, May 15, 2012

child dedication

On Sunday, we dedicated our little guy to the Lord during service at our church.

He obviously wasn't shy as he waved to the crowd!

my amazing husband wrote this letter, which he read to him during the dedication.

To our little guy, 

We have had you for just over a year now, and we are so thankful for the miracle of adoption. While getting you at 19 months old has brought its challenges, we are truly blessed by God to have you a part of our family. We love how your personality has blossomed over the past year. From a boy who was timid and fearful to one who is becoming adventurous, bold, and courageous; it has been remarkable to see your transformation.

Just as we chose you for our family, our prayer is that you will choose to follow God. We are sinners, but He is perfect. We will disappoint you, wound you, and let you down, but He will never leave you and never forsake you. You won't ever have a relationship with your biological father, but there is a Heavenly Father who loves you more than words can describe, and who wants and desires a relationship with you. 

Our heart's desire is that you would follow in your biblical namesake's shoes. We want you to do right in the sight of the Lord, and not to turn aside to the right or to the left. We want you to turn to the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul, and with all your might. Your mommy and I are committed to lead you down this path and with the help, accountability, and love from our family, friends, and church family, we are excited to see what your future holds.

our amazing pastor Bill and some close friends, the Campbells and Fausts supported us.

thank you for being a blessing in our lives!