Friday, April 27, 2012

one pure heart

1 thing i'm thankful amazing friend, mandy!

playing... the fray.

i just learned that the band is from denver, colorado.  i would love to see them again in concert!

unexpected blessing...a four day weekend.  my little lady didn't have school on thursday or friday! i'm ready for summer and no schedules or routines to follow!

realizing...that my favorite flea market is on saturday!

entertaining myself with this...

brenda lee johnson you crack me up!   have you seen it?  it's so funny!  i'm not sure if it still is on tv.   i've been checking them out at my library.

hoping for... a great garden this year.

eating...a bowl of roasted almonds.

attempting to...finish up some projects around the house.

reading... learn as much as possible on how to make cheese.  since we get farm fresh milk, i thought i would try to make mozzarella cheese.

1 comment:

  1. I love The Closer too!!! Can't wait to hear about the cheese making!!!