Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a healthier way of eating

i've been trying a lot of new recipes as we fine tune some of our new eating habits.

no more of that processed snack foods. i found this yummy recipe for spiced roasted almonds.

for a couple of months now, we have had organic milk and eggs delivered from a local farm.  i used some of our fresh eggs for this yummy frittata with spinach, potatoes, peppers and feta.  the recipe came from Jillian Michaels book The Master Your Metablolism Cookbook or you can find it here.

we are also switching over to buying only organic meats. it's a bit more expensive but is worth it! i made Rachel Ray's mexican chicken lime soup the other night and it was so good!

lastly, we are eating a lot less carbs and lot more veggies. i like to roast my veggies on the grill or in the oven. i just add a little bit of evoo, pepper and minced garlic to it and roast it for 10-15 minutes. they turn out wonderful every time!

lots of carbs have always left me not feeling good, so taking them out of my diet hasn't been hard. for years, i would complain that pastas, breads, thick pizza crust, etc. were just "too bready." i know that is not a word but i never liked the way they made me feel and it was the best way to describe it, even if my husband and sister made fun of me!

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