Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

i added 3 crosses to our resurrection garden today.

we have also been doing the resurrection eggs with our kids and just looking at the whip, crown of thorns and nails that Jesus endured for me, takes my breath away.

i cherish Good Friday more than any other day. it's the day Jesus gave me life. i'm so thankful and grateful...words really can't describe it.

we are off to Good Friday service tonight at church, where we get to pound in our own nail into a large wood cross. hearing the nails be pounded in to the wood is a powerful sound!

 also, i finally sewed together the egg-shaped doilies we painted.
i was going to hang them as garland on the wall, but i liked it better used as part of my table runner.
i hope you have a wonderful Easter, celebrating Christ's resurrection!

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