Tuesday, February 21, 2012

what's on my heart

i passed this out at bible study this morning.

i can't tell you how much i love studying the book of James! the author, James, is so bold in his writing and it really convicts me! i'm part way through chapter 2 with my memorizing and as the words become ingrained in my memory, there is a realization of how much i have to grow and learn. living by faith, is about applying the Word of God in our lives. i can't express how important application really is! for me, if i'm not applying what i'm learning or making changes to what the Word is convicting me to do, then what good can come of it? it certainly won't bear fruit.  i'm thankful for the way God's Word challenges me, even when it is hard and i want to fight it. i'm thankful for the encouragement that other ladies bring to my life. i see the fruit that they are bearing in their lives and it encourages me to keep living out my faith.

 a couple weeks ago, i got an email from my friend kristen. i met her in Papua New Guinea, when we were on the mission's field. she is a very dear friend of mine and even though we haven't been together for a couple of years now, her friendship is very important to me! i see her bearing fruit. i see the ways God is working in her life, it's not always easy but i know she desires to live out her faith. she encouraged me by telling me that in college she memorized the book of Ephesians and how, even today those words are still with her. as hard and as time consuming memorizing a book of the bible is, i can't see anything else that will be better and lead to bearing more fruit than it! i'm thankful for my friend and other friends that encourage me to live out my faith, to step outside my comfort zone and together we walk this journey that will hopefully lead to a life overflowing with fruit, not for our glory but His!

what is on your heart?

how is God working in your life?

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