Thursday, December 29, 2011

i {heart} change

earlier this week, i told you about my crazy love for aqua. i thought i would just keep it rolling and tell you about another crazy love of mine.

yes...i love reorganizing and change! always have, always will!

for some reason, this time of year i get the energy and the drive to change things up. i've be working on changing the way i store some of my holiday decor, projects, etc. i have this compulsion, that nothing can stay the same for very long. i get bored and have to change things up. it's no wonder why i love...
rearranging my house
cleaning out and getting rid of things
changing out my decor or coming up with a new use for something in my house

luckily for me, i have a supportive family that allows me to do crazy things and change things around. my husband was gracious to move my craft room around, after i had told him the set up i previously had, wasn't working for me. i just mentioned it once, thinking i would have to plead with him again to help me move it around.

one morning, i found him in my craft room getting things ready to be moved. i couldn't have been more excited and thankful that instead of complaining about my desire to change things, rather he was making it happen for me!

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh, what a guy! It looks great! I am hoping that you're love for change will rub off on me in 2012!