Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend randomness

went with a friend to see this...
the help is a very good movie, but i didn't cry at all. everyone told me it was tear jerker and i'm a crier, so who knows what happened???

if there was any reason you thought i might keep a perfect house, this will change your mind.
it's our guest bedroom and it usually looks like this...a mess. it's where i put all my decorations or things that i've taken down. however, i've been trying to clean it up, since we are having company come soon. my parents are coming to visit and help me since i'm having surgery in 2 weeks.

i also got a jump start on wrapping christmas presents. i'm trying to get as much stuff done before my surgery as possible.

i woke up to my little lady dressed like this. just so stinkin' cute!

nothing better than a nice cup of hot chai tea.

what is your favorite hot drink?

30 days of giving thanks

i'm thankful for...

my 2 hours of time to myself last night. my man took the kids to the father/child hayride night at our church.

time in my craft room...working on christmas stockings.

our church.

quality time with my husband.

my little lady's artistic spirit.


  1. I LOVED that movie and I did cry and I'm not a crier! Go figure!

    I can't believe you have Christmas presents wrapped! You go girl!

    Gracie is so cute....I love that we have girls with no fashion sense whatsoever...

  2. It didn't cry either. But I read the book before I saw it and it was just 100 times better than the movie. So I think that is why...or I am heartless, either one.

    My favorite hot drink is large amounts of coffee.

    I had a panic attack when I saw your Christmas presents. Number of presents I have purchased-zero! Yikes! I will be praying for your surgery Melissa!!!

  3. I love chai too but only when I go to starbucks. I have to have a cup of coffee. I prefer the bold flavored coffee.