Tuesday, November 8, 2011

operation christmas child

this is something i love doing every year.

it's a way to take the focus off of "getting" and put the focus on "giving." this is something we want our kids to learn...that it is more important to give than receive.

my kids helped me this year fill the shoeboxes and we talked about the kids that would receive these shoe boxes and that it may be their only gift they get all year.

i feel so blessed to have so much and i love using what God has given us to bless others!

if you are interested in filling a shoe box for a child, check out this website for details.

30 days of giving thanks

i'm thankful for...

the humor i provided myself with yesterday, when i wore two different shoes to drop off my daughter at school. i didn't realize it until we were in the car driving to school!

my friends.

the way God has changed me and grown me over the years.

second chances with my kids after i've blown it. forgiveness is a powerful thing!

the amazing lunch i had at my bible study leadership meeting today. the salad was amazing! i just need to get my hands on the recipe!

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  1. We do shoe boxes as well and it is awesome to see how excited the kiddos get about giving gifts to other children.