Monday, September 26, 2011

miscellaneous monday

last night i went on a date with my man. we saw this...
it was a good movie! when i think about fall, baseball always comes to mind. i love hearing the playoffs in the background on a crisp fall day.

today, i'm working on a bit of painting.

two tables that are in my family room are getting painted. they were brown, and will be white when i'm finished.
yes, that's me with no makeup on!

who wants to put on makeup when all your doing is painting???

i bought this rug for my family room.

which has inspired me to paint one of the walls a light yellow. i'm still deciding which one to pick.

my little lady hanging out while i prepped the tables for painting.

happy monday!


  1. Love that rug-I'm a big fan of bright colors!

  2. the rug is so cute! I vote for the top right yellow...

  3. That table looks pretty good! I know where you could get a job if you want one ;)