Wednesday, January 5, 2011

one smokin' house...

So, today I filled my house with smoke!

I thought that when my little lady went down for her rest, I would sit by a nice fire and work on things. So, I quickly lite a fire and walked upstairs to grab something. I was gone maybe 30 seconds to come back downstairs to find the room filled with smoke! I knew that my husband must have closed the chimney flue. I tried to open it but I couldn't get it. By this time, the smoke detector was going off, I quickly opened the door to let the smoke out and sent my little lady to go get her daddy to help us. Probably, not the best way to wake my man, but I was in desperate need of help! He fixed it but the house was filled with smoke. We opened all the doors and quickly all the smoke went out but we were left with a stinky smell! I came up with a mixture of lemon slices, a few sprigs off my rosemary tree and a tablespoon of vanilla. I added them to my stock pot that was half full of water and put it on the stove to boil for about 1 hour. HUGE took away the smokey smell! I even went outside for a bit to really see what the house smelled like when I came back in. So, if you happen to burn something, fill your house with smoke or your trash has stunk up your house, use this smells great!

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