Friday, January 21, 2011

real life, one day at a time...

1 thing I'm thinking about...helping out next year as a MOPs leader.

Pondering these words..."There's no gray area in obeying God. When God speaks or allows you to see His hand, giving you the opportunity to participate in His purposes, you don't have an array of options to choose from on how you will respond. It's clear-cut, plain and and white. You can either choose to obey or choose to disobey." ~Priscilla Shirer

Unexpected little lady's eating habits! I knew she was a good eater, but when she hugged the mushrooms in the grocery store and ordered Pad Thai at the restaurant, it took it to the next level! I'm so glad she will try anything!

Reading...Jonah by Priscilla Shirer It's my new bible study, I just started and I'm loving it!

Excited about...any day now we could be getting a call from our foster/adoption agency. It's an excited expectancy, waiting on God's perfect timing! eat a donut this weekend! It sounds so good but I know it will make me feel miserable after I eat it!

Eating...M&M pretzels! They are so good!

Artistically make bunting out of old Dr. Seuss books.

Ready cozy warm bed and a good girlie movie. I think I will watch Time Traveler's Wife, it's one of my favorites! little lady how to tie her shoes. I guess she needs to know how to do it since, I registered her for Kindergarten next year. I can't believe she is going off to school in August. Yikes!

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