Friday, October 29, 2010

my little lady's Halloween costume...

About a month or so ago, my little lady told me she wanted to dress up as a butterfly for Halloween. So, we went to the fabric store and she picked out all the different colors of fabric she wanted her butterfly costume to be. I was hoping to finished it before we moved, but no such luck...I finished it last night. At one point last night, I thought...what did I get myself into??? Well, I think it turned out pretty good and my little lady is very excited to wear it!

Here are the materials I used:
different colors of felt
floral wire
blue painters tape
butcher paper for making the pattern

I went on the internet and looked for inspiration for what kind of butterfly we wanted to make. You can see it in the previous picture. Then, I created a pattern to use to cut out all of my fabric. Once my pattern was created, I pinned it on the fabric and began cutting it out.

Cutting out the wings.

Wings are cut out and ready for embellishments.

Pinning on the embellishments.

Sewing all the pieces onto the wings.

I used floral wire to attach to the wings to make them stable and not floppy. I just used blue painters tape to attach it to the fabric.

Sewing the wings together.

I made arm straps to attach to the wings.

All finished! I will show you pictures of my little lady wearing in a couple of days!

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