Monday, September 20, 2010

what's cookin' in the kitchen...

On Saturday afternoon I decided to cook up some meals to make my life a bit easier during the week. I love cooking, but sometimes I'm just tired at the end of the day and wish dinner was already taken care of. I make 7 meals that I can freeze and we will use when I need an evening off from the kitchen.

King Ranch Chicken
For the recipe go to:

Chicken Spaghetti
For the recipe go to:

I made 2 types of soup and each soup will be enough for 2 meals.
For the Lasagna Soup recipe go to:
For the Tortilla Soup recipe got to:

I've made these burritos before and we love them! They are great for lunch, since I'm not really a sandwich lover, its a nice option.

Here is a picture of my was packed! I don't think I could have gotten another thing in it!

I also thought I would show you what my little lady was doing while I was cooking and my man was trying to do homework. Playing dress up! She thought we should be dressed up too!

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