Thursday, August 12, 2010

for you, mom...

My little lady and I have been doing some preschool this week. Mostly, art projects to go with each letter of the alphabet. I've been kind of lazy about doing a lot, since I know we will offically start in just over a week. I needed a bit of a break before we start again. However, I wanted her to really know her sounds of each letter, which she does! I haven't really focused our time on writing that much, since it is the last thing to come. But today she insisted that she was going to write! So, I gave her a pencil and paper and let her go at it. I really wasn't even paying attention to her, since I was looking over the preschool curriulum I will be using. Then I heard her say, "This doesn't look good." I looked over at it and told her to try again and she said "No, I need to fix it!" Instantly, I thought of all the stories my mom told me about when I was learning to write and how if it wasn't perfect, I would crumble up the page and start over. Well...(sigh)...we will see if she will be as much of a perfectionist with her writing as I was...hopefully not, but we will see! Mom~ I thought you would get chuckle out of this.

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