Tuesday, July 27, 2010

off to the movies...

Today, my little lady and I watched a movie for free at our local movie theater. Most of the theaters around us have a great summer program that allows you to see an older movie for free or $1. Today we saw the Arctic Tale. A cute movie about a polar bear and a walrus, made by National Geographic. I'm definitely not a huge supporter of my child watching a lot of TV or movies. Actually, we don't even have cable or satellite...after being without it in PNG, we didn't miss it! Anyways... it's nice to watch something with my little lady that is educational and not a cartoon! Movies are something that she gets super excited about! The first thing out of her mouth this morning was..."I can't wait to go to the movie feater and see the polar bears!" I love that something so simple can be so exciting! It was as if I was taking her to Disneyland!

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