Tuesday, June 29, 2010

real life, one day at a time...

1 thing I'm thankful for...a husband that will get up in the morning with our little lady so that I can get a bit more sleep!

Pondering these words..."If we can not wait on the Lord, you will not fulfill your destiny. Practice the discipline of waiting." ~Beth Moore

Unexpected blessing...everything this past month! The Lord has really provided for us in every way!

Reading...Esther and the Esther study by Beth Moore. Plus the 4 different cookbook I just checked out at the library today.

Eating...Smarties candy! I used to love these as a kid!

Hoping for...some type of success as I attempt to make sourdough bread from scratch! I've made different types of bread before, but this one is new. Plus I have to make a starter first before I can make the dough.

Excited about...seeing a fireworks stand on the way to the bank today. I was so excited to think that I might possibly get to do some of my own fireworks! We use to do them ourselves when I was a kid. One time when we were camping, my dad, brother and I bought fireworks from the back of a guys van. They were the best fireworks ever! I love 4th of July!

Artistically attempting to...make some 4th of July decorations.

Remembering...that making yogurt in PNG was so much easier than here. I think I need to find a new recipe, instead of trying to adapt mine.

Teaching...my little lady new songs to sing! She loves to sing!

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