Thursday, June 10, 2010

our new home

We've moved! Here are some pictures of our new home. We live on the bottom level of a 3 story complex. There is a nice clubhouse, fitness center and pool.

The bottom level is ours. We have a nice patio for us to use too!

Moving Day...lots of boxes! We hired 2 guys to come and help us unload the truck.

My little lady's room. Before we moved, I had picked out this fabric and my mom made a quilt for her big girl's bed! It's looks adorable...thanks mom!

Lots of storage in her room, 2 closets...what more could a girl need???

She is in heaven opening up 6 boxes of books!

Kitchen...lots of storage! More than I had in the house we owned.

Living room & dining room

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  1. woo hoo!!! a pool... that's sweet! it looks so nice and cozy. can't wait to come see it with my own two eyes!! :)