Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm not in Cali anymore!

Tornadoes in Kansas...Yes!

Tornadoes in Oklahoma...Yes!

Tornadoes in Nebraska...Yes!

Tornadoes in Colorado...WHAT???

Ok, I guess I lack a bit of worldly weather knowledge. Yesterday, as the tornado siren was going off, I realized that it's possible here! This was no drill, it was the real deal! Funnel clouds had been spotted, raining and hail were coming down as I was in the middle of running some errands. As I listened to the radio, it even broke away to the emergency signal and they instructed us to seek safe shelter. So I did, right into a nice big store and waited it out until it was safe to return home. I don't think any tornadoes actually touched down, but it sure got my attention. What a welcoming to our first week in town!

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