Monday, May 3, 2010

30 Day Challenge...

I'm giving myself a challenge...I love challenges! I'm not one to just sit around, and there have been several things floating around in my head that I've wanted to do. So, here goes...there is no time like the present. I have 30 days to complete a list of 30 activities. Since I'm giving myself this challenge, I also make the rules. I can do one activity a day or combine a couple activities on one day. Some activities are just pure fun and others will take a little bit of work. I will blog about it as I go. So here it is:

1. Learn how to make Tamales

2. Make a birthday dessert for sister

3. Have tea party with my little lady

4. Make beignets (a French donuts)

5. Sew an apron

6. Sew a skirt for my little lady

7. Make homemade Popsicles

8. Make homemade bubble solution and play with them outside with my little lady.

9. Make homemade sprouts

10. Go to the San Bernardino County Fair

11. Go play at the beach

12. Send a package off to friends in PNG.

13. Buy a bathing suit

14. Go garage sale shopping on Memorial Day weekend

15. Organize my recipes

16. Organize my idea book

17. Write about sister on my blog, so that she will leave me alone about it!

18. Clean out our dressers. Rearrange draws for summer clothes.

19. Plan something fun for my man’s birthday

20. Collect/ buy some supplies for our next several upcoming family nights.

21. Go to a baseball game

22. Get into my sister’s house…she hasn’t had me over in months!

23. Do sidewalk chalk with my little lady.

24. Make Swedish pancakes

25. Go to the Farmer’s Market

26. Watch Lance Armstrong bike into Big Bear…Amgen Bike Tour is coming!

27. BBQ kabobs

28. Get some pictures developed

29. Buy a new purse…I’ve never found the perfect purse!

30. Get my eyebrows waxed

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  1. Geez girl, I feel tired just LOOKING at your list :)