Monday, April 26, 2010

Learning to ride a bike...

My little lady learned how to ride her big girl's bike last week. It still has training wheels, but she was so proud of herself! Today, we went to the park and we brought the bike along. She put her helmet on and took off. As my man and I walked behind her, we instantly knew she was in for some trouble when she picked up speed going down a little slope. The feet came off the pedals as the bike picked up speed. My man went running to try and stop her, but unfortunately he was a little too late. She went flying over the handle bars and face first into the dirt. Her month and nose were full of dirt. However, she didn't want to leave the park! When we brought her home we could finally assess the damage. Lots of dirt all over her and a few scratches on the face. The crash didn't stop her, she was back on the bike this afternoon for a ride with her daddy!
before the bath

after the bath

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