Monday, February 8, 2010

real life, one day at a time...

1 thing I'm thankful little lady's prayerful words. After being in a bit of trouble I heard her praying "God forgive me, I'm sorry. I need you, God." Couldn't get more precious than that!

Pondering these words..."How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." Annie Dillard

Unxpected blessing...our tax refund. Thank you, Lord for providing for us!

Reading..."Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed" and Dear John

Eating...nothing, I'm stuffed from lunch! I had a Del Classic Chicken burrito from Del Taco.

Hoping for...some more news about the job possibilities for my man.

Excited about...the Olympics starting on Friday. I'm hoping to have a little party to kick it off with some yummy Canadian food! Thanks Lisa for the recipes!

Artistically attempting to...make a Valentine's centerpiece. I found a cute idea online!

Remembeing...Last year's Valentine's Day. Our fun progressive dinner with friends and one sick husband. He was a trooper! little lady how to walk right next to me in the store and not to run around. We had a bit of "time out" in the cart today. She will eventually get it!

Pictures of the week: Last year's Valentine's Day

Only in PNG can you slip and slide on Valentine's Day

Remember this, guys?

He looked so sick!

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