Monday, February 22, 2010

40 days for You, Lord!

As last week began Lent, I've been preparing activities that I want to do with Grace to give her a better understanding of the Easter season. I also was pondering what I could do in my own personal walk with God to focus on Him more during this time. As a child growing up, often times we would give up something during the Lent season as a sacrifice to the Lord. So, I thought to myself, what could it be? Chocolate, soda, know, those first things that usually pop into your head. As I pondered my thoughts of what I was going to give up, God quickly lead me to the don't need to give up something, rather what can you give Me more of? My Father's sweet words were speaking to me..."I love you, my beloved child, I want more of you, more time with you. Come...worship me, praise me, lie at my feet." I've always loved the story of Mary Magdalene pouring the precious perfume on Jesus' feet. So, over the next forty days, I'm giving my precious Father daily time where I will sit at his feet, worship him and be led by the Spirit to pour out my precious time onto Him.

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