Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring is on its way...

A day out of the snow couldn't be better than a quick trip to San Diego. My man had things to do for a potential job opportunity, so us ladies were off to Balboa Park. San Diego is my absolute favorite place in California! It brings back a lot of wonderful childhood memories and is one of our favorite places to visit. Walking through Balboa Park is like reconnecting with a good friend...time has passed, but you still know each other very well. I was overwhelmed by the beauty that God had on display. The trees were filled with white blossoms, which surprised me, since it is only January. Living in the mountains, there is no sign of spring on its way, its a winter wonderland! I stood there staring at the tree, taking in every moment and appreciating the new life, the new growth that was being produced. For the longest time Fall had always been my favorite season, but it has recently changed in the last couple of years to Spring. There is something that excites me about Spring and the anticipation of change. As hard as change can be, it's something that I've almost come to crave. I desire to never grow stagnant, to always be challenged, to always continue to grow. There is beauty to be seen when we go from Winter, a dead, dry, and weary time to Spring, an opportunity for growth.

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