Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a good read

i've just finished reading this book and really have enjoyed it. i was immediately attracted to the book by it's tag line..."one woman's quest for a slower, simpler, more sustainable life."  plus, the cover is absolutely beautiful and eye-catching!

The book is about simplifying our lives, to slow down and make faith and family the focal point.  she talks a lot about the Amish culture and how well they have done to keep things simple and keep their faith and family as a priority.   although the author and i will not becoming Amish anytime soon, there are some great traits they have that really are beneficial for my life too.  Here are some quotes from the book that i'm still pondering...

"our homes reflect our values.  they reflect who we are inside and what we hold most precious.  if our houses are cluttered, our hearts are too."

"whatever the reason, careless spending adds up.  on average, Americans consume twice as much as we did fifty years ago."  

"God owns everything.  we are his appointed managers."

this book reminded me of another book i read recently, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker.

the book covered everything from finances, nature, community, family, faith to service, simplicity and security.   i love books that really challenge you to think about how you are living and if there are things God is laying on our hearts to change.

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