Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a choice to make

sometimes we have choices to make.

yesterday morning, i was curled up on the couch, just about ready to dive into my quiet time with God, when i had someone crawl right up next to me. he occupied himself for awhile, looking at his devotional.

however, my space quickly became his space. my little guy is a cuddle bug and a chatter box, so my time with God was not really happening like i had hoped.

i had choice to make, i could get frustrated with him and ask him to let mommy finish. i could get snappy and yell at him. or i could stop what i was doing and spend some quality time with him.

i chose the latter. i don't always make that choice. most of the time, i get frustrated or just don't want to be interrupted. that one, is never the best choice, but i'm a victim of it.

we spent time playing, making faces and i had fun tickling him.

he's very ticklish!

i did finish my quiet time eventually, but i also got some great time with my little guy too!

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