Friday, February 8, 2013

real life

sometimes we can look at someone's blog and fool ourself into thinking that that person...
"has got it all together"
"seems perfect"
"is super mom"
when really, we need to realize that their life is far from perfect, messy, complicated, and sometimes really hard.

i thought i would share a picture of "real life" for me.  my kids love playing outside, even in the winter, when things are quite messy outside.  i don't mind, until they decide to trample through the house with their muddy boots, so that they can use the bathroom.   i like how she waited to take off the boots, until  she was inside.

on this occasion, all i could do was laugh.  it doesn't always happen that way, sometimes there's anger, frustration and no patience that i find myself falling into.  life isn't easy, but i'm so thankful that i have a blessed life, including all the messy moments.

1 comment:

  1. I cherish those messy moments. One day, when the kids are grown, I'll miss the messes. :)