Tuesday, April 5, 2011

caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly art

we've ordered our caterpillars and they should be coming in the mail any day. my little lady can't wait! so, i've decide to do a craft to get us ready while we wait for the real thing!

the caterpillar we made out of a pipe cleaner and pom-pom.

the cocoon is made out of a paper bag. we cut off a piece of the bag and crumpled it up. we stuffed it with cotton balls and glued the edges.

for the butterfly, we used crayon shavings and wax paper.

and melted it with an iron. then, we cut it into the shape of a butterfly.

we glued them all onto a stick we found outside.

i love the symbolism a butterfly is to us. we are made into a new creation through Christ! even though, the cocoon looks like it is dead and has no life, soon a beautiful butterfly will emerge...totally transformed!

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