Monday, April 4, 2011

real life, one day at a time...

1 thing i'm thankful for...spring! i love the beauty that spring brings!

Pondering..."walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called" Ephesians 4:1 this is my heart's desire...that i would be fully used by Him so that when i leave this world i will have nothing left.

Unexpected man gave me a gift certificate for a massage last week and it wasn't my birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion! i love suprises like that!

Reading... this is my second time doing this study and i just love it! david is an amazing example of a man after God's heart.

Expecting...a busy week! bible study, awana, preschool, mops, library, rec center...

Happy that...we are done painting! i put my living/dining room back together this weekend. my little lady celebrated by having her own princess party in the living room this morning. she looks like a tour guide to me...but heck, who am i to say! own version of sonic's chicago dog. did i tell you i'm addicted to them? i've never been a big hot dog person...but these are good! i've started making them at home. what makes up a chicago dog? all beef hot dog, bun, mustard, sweet relish, hot peppers, sliced tomato, sliced dill pickle and celery salt. yummy!

Artistically...making a butterfly wreath! i will be sharing it with you this week.

Random info about me...i'm left-handed.
my eyes turn from green to blue, which totally trips out my daughter.
my favorite shoes are...flip flops.
i don't have a sweet tooth...i have a salty one.
i'm not big on carbs...pasta, bread, cereal, etc. but i love rice!
i'm addicted to flea markets, antique or thrift stores. little lady some gardening skills!

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  1. Love the pic of your daughter at her "princess party!" So cute!