Friday, January 14, 2011

Stockin' Up!

As you all know, I love to get a good deal on things! So, when I see items on sale at a great price, I try to stock up and buy several of the same item. I only buy things I know I will use. I did a little stockin' up on several items that we use frequently, here is what I got...
My trip to spent $12.48! Of course, I used lots of coupons!
My trip to spent $5.69 Again, I used lots of coupons!

20 yogurts
8 bottles of juice
6 bottles of hot sauce
4 bottles of soy sauce
2 fajita seasoning packets
5 tubes of tooth paste
5 bags of chips
1 1/2 dozen eggs
Total spent $18.17

Here are a few tips if you are interested in saving money...

I use a website called the to help me find my deals and print coupons from. Go here to check it out.

I buy several Sunday newspapers, so that I get multiple coupons of the same item.

I NEVER spend money on the following toiletry items...
dental floss
contact solution
body wash
I get them free, by using coupons! It's amazing the amount of money you can save just on toiletry items! If you feel overwhelmed by the process of coupon shopping, just try to focus in this area and you can still experience some great savings!

Be willing to try other products. I know it is easy to have your favorite brand of toothpaste or deodorant, but then you might have to pay out of pocket for them!

Good luck!

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