Thursday, January 2, 2014

mixin' it up!

i was asked by house party to host a Ninja party back in November.  it was a party to introduce Ninja's new product, the Ultima Blender.   
i was so excited to receive this blender because my current blender was not very good and i hardly used it.    let me tell you that i love this blender!  it's high-tech and a heavy duty blender, plus it was free!  it think they cost around $250.

one of the first things we tried with the blender, was making peanut butter.  just toasted, unsalted peanuts and the blender went to work.
here was the outcome…peanut butter and it tasted so good!
i used the peanut butter to make some gluten free peanut butter bars…so yummy!
then, we used the blender to make some roasted red pepper hummus.
lastly, i use my blender several times a week to make my green monster spinach smoothie.  it's really good and super healthy!  i found the recipe here.
do you have any recipes that are healthy and use a lot? do share!

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  1. I have heard great things about the ninja! Months ago, my daughter and I pitched in for a $200 juicer that now sits unused on a shelf ~ I wish we had know about the ninja then.