Thursday, February 16, 2012

sleigh ride and dinner

last weekend, we went up to the mountains for an early valentine's day celebration. we don't give our kids gifts on valentine's day, because they already are so blessed with what they do have. we would rather spend our time together, creating great memories!

our little lady was thrilled that we were going on an adventure and staying in a hotel! i think she loves to travel as much as we do and that makes me so happy! i desire for our kids to love traveling and exploring new things as much as we do! i hope as they grow and experience new things that it will give them a bigger perspective of the world and they will appreciate all the amazing things God has created!
let me introduce you to our new friends, doc and ted. doc is old and grumpy and likes to try and bite ted. this is doc's last year to pull the sleigh...he is almost 25 years old. a few years back, doc lost his old sleigh partner and just isn't the same!
just a couple of minutes into the sleigh ride it began to was a bit magical!
the sleigh ride was about 45 minutes long and we were ready to eat! a nice cowboy meal...steak, salad, baked potato, baked beans, and apple cobbler for dessert!
here we are before we ate.
and after...we were so full and acting a bit silly!


  1. What a fun day, looks like you guys had a blast! We love doing trips like that with the kids too :) I so wish we had somewhere like that here but maybe, just maybe, Texas will too ;)

  2. Oh Melissa, that looks like you guys had a BLAST!! Fun pictures!!! Can't believe how those kids just keep growing!!

    Love you guys......

  3. So fun! I wish we could have come too!