Saturday, December 24, 2011

our gingerbread house

every year, i have the desire to make a gingerbread house and for it to be fun. but some how they aren't. probably because the kits that they sell in the stores are a pain! it's a pain to get the house frosted, the candy is always stale and gross and they aren't that kid-friendly, at least for little ones. so this year i wanted to come up with an alternative that would be easier and cheaper.
i found this paper mache house at hobby lobby for $3. i was excited because we didn't have to build a house, we could just decorate it...and that's the best part!

i gather different candy and craft supplies that i had around the house.

my little lady and i had a great time and she loved munching on all the candy! i would do this again in a heartbeat...much better experience!

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