Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

we woke up to a winter wonderland yesterday morning. i decided to capture some pictures of us and surprise my man since he was sleeping. we probably looked a bit crazy to the neighbors, with me running back and forth to my camera. all in all it was fun snapping some shots of the kiddos in fresh fallen snow.

of course our time wouldn't be complete without a few tears. my little guy's boot fell off and he was not happy!


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas! Your kiddos are growing so fast! My sister is coming from FLA, Ben (Kylie's hubby) is being picked up right now, in from Ft. Campbell KY, and one of my nephews with family will be here too!
    Love Judy Vander Ploeg

  2. Those are some really cute pictures!

  3. They turned out beautiful! Have a great Christmas!