Wednesday, October 5, 2011

our adoption story...part six

on a friday afternoon, we knew we had a daughter, but just hadn't met her yet. we spent the weekend preparing. both sets of parents came to help. my dad and father-in-law, stayed at the house with my husband and painted the nursery...light favorite color! while the guys painted the ladies went shopping. we bought quite a few things and it was so much fun picking out girlie stuff.

that weekend also happened to be mother's day weekend. what a blessing! i could hardly wait to meet touch look at her! on monday morning, we drove over to the foster home and met her for the first time. there was instant love, not because she was so cute, but because of the love that had grown in our hearts the previous months as we waited and prayed for our tiny bundle of joy. God in His amazing ways, gave us a beautiful and healthy baby girl. He had answered so many of our prayers and now it was our turn to pour out our love on this sweet babe just like God had lavishly done by giving this sweet babe to us. we spent about an hour at the house holding her and talking with the foster mom and social workers. we knew that the next day would be the day we got to bring her home.

the next morning we work up early and headed over to the foster home. we gathered up a few of her belongings and thanked the foster mother for her amazing care of our daughter. then, we loaded up the car and drove off. in some ways we felt like we were stealing a child, but once we were home, those feelings melted away. we spent the day together, just the 3 of us. we wanted some special bonding time together before we let the outside world in. it was simply precious.

to be continue...

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