Saturday, August 6, 2011

makeover monday

i went to my favorite flea market last weekend and found these 3 things...a desk, globe and the number 4. i bought the desk from my friend Katie and her husband...i love it!

the desk went in my family room, underneath an amazing old school map that my friend, Mandy, bought for me for my birthday. every time i walk into the room, i smile because i love maps! what do you think i should do with the chairs? i've had them for awhile...should i paint them, what color? or leave them just the way they are? i need your help!

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  1. I knew you would do something cute with it!!

  2. it all looks so good! I think you should paint the chairs turquoise. I love blue and red together and I think it will look good with the map.

  3. Turquoise would be way cute! Love the map and globe...

  4. That is a terrific desk. I think painting them would be cute.