Wednesday, May 25, 2011

couponing deals

i found some great deals at walgreens this week. we don't have t.v. but i've heard about the extreme couponing show. i'm definitely not that crazy, but i do like scoring some great deals. i desire to be a good steward of the money God has given us. couponing does take a bit of preparation but the savings are huge. i also only buy what we use. one thing i love about couponing, is that i don't pay for 98% of all of our toiletries. both my husband and i wear contact lenses, so i love when i can get it for free. it can run around $10 per box. i love putting the money we save toward things that are far more fun than paying full price for a box or tampons or toothpaste!

here's a break down of my deals...
5 boxes of contact solution...all FREE after register rewards
3 packages of hair bands...all FREE after register rewards
4 bottles of lotion...$1.00 each
2 shaving creams...$.49 after register rewards
1 thermacare heat wrap and 1 bottle of advil 50ct...$.49 each after register rewards
2 packages of huggies swim diapers...$2.99 each
4 kraft mayo...$1.47 each
4 packages of chips ahoy cookies...$.25 each
5 candy bars...$.49 each.
i spent $65.48 out of pocket, but when you deduct all the $46.00 in register rewards i received, my total comes down to $19.48.

Not too bad for a days work!

i hope my savings will inspire you to save too!

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