Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 days

this is my favorite holiday season!

i know for most, it's Christmas...but not me.

40 days to focus more on my Creator.

40 days to be in awe of who He is.

40 days to spend more intentional time with Him.

40 days to prepare and to celebrate the blessed life I've been given because of the gift He gave me.

He died for me.

He died for you.

what more can I say...He is breathtaking!

today, you would have found me here.

crafting a countdown chart for lent.
cutting strips of paper to glue onto clothes pins.

i glued the clothes pins to the chipboard, that I had covered with scrapbook paper. then i attached yarn to the chipboard, so that it can be hung up.
all finished and hung up.

i'm also very smitten with this...a handmade "way of light" wreath. I purchased it here. each night we will add a candle and as it is lit, we will spend time with our Savior. during the lent season, people will tend to give something up as a way to prepare for easter. last year, God laid on my heart to not give up something but rather give more of something. you can read about it here.

so, this year again, i'm giving more of myself to Him.

more time with Him...

praying...reading...worshipping...the list goes on.


  1. Melissa, you are amazing! I love the countdown idea. Such creative ideas flow from you!

  2. I worked on a jelly bean rewards chart for lent yesterday...but now that I see this I am reminded how much you blow my creativity out of the water. I feel so blah compared to your accomplishments.

    I'm not sure where you find the time for all the prep to your activities and crafts. Someday you'll have to share your daily schedule so I can glean some time mgmt from you:)

    Wow - that is the cutest count down ever!

  3. what a pretty wreath. I love your countdown too.


  4. The countdown is so fun! I love this time of year too:) Thanks for sharing!!