Saturday, February 19, 2011

rainbow doilie garland

My favorite seasons are spring and summer, probably because I absolutely love warm weather! I guess that's why I loved living in PNG and the tropics so much. Sweat... humidity... flip flops...can't get much better than that! Since, that's not the case now...don't get me wrong, I love living in a place that has four seasons, but I'm just a warm-weathered girl at heart. So, as a way to brighten our home, since the colors outside aren't so vibrant, we made some garland to hang in our window. On Tuesday, I took down all the Valentine's decor, so it was time for something bright and cheerful. My little ladies birthday, is always the 1st day of spring and it fun to do some crafts that reminds us that spring on its way. When I think of spring...I think of rainbows, so I'm sure you will see some more rainbow projects over the next month!

I have a sewing machine that rarely gets used for sewing clothes, rather used for my random craft projects. I used the sewing machine to sew the doilies together. Then I hung them in the window.


  1. My girls would love to do this for summer and to get ready for summer. Love it. Thanks for the idea. We are already getting lovely warm weather in AZ.

  2. Yes I'd also like to know where you got the dollies and how many you used.. Love this idea!