Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dr. Seuss bunting

I wanted to make some bunting out of old Dr. Seuss books that I had purchased at my local thrift store.
Here's what I did...

I took the books apart and carefully separated each paper.

I folded each page in half and the cut a diagonal line across the page, making a triangle when the page is open.

All my pieces are cut and ready to be sown together.
I purchased some red with white polka dots ribbon at the craft store and began sewing. I laid the page half way on the ribbon and then folded the ribbon over to give it a nice look.

I'm still in the process of trying to decide how I want to hang it in our soon-to-be kiddos room. I wanted to make the room genre neutral, since we are open to taking baby boys or baby girls. I love children's books and I wanted to do something bright and cheerful!

I will also be using this bunting for a different purpose next week. Dr. Seuss' birthday is next week and I thought it would be fun to make our week...Dr. Seuss week! I will have lots of activities I will be sharing throughout the week, so come back and join in on the fun!

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  1. Very nice and creative! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oooh, I love this! Love the curtains too!

  3. I LOVE THE LOOK!! Very sweet ;)

  4. I love it! I am a pre-k teacher with a Dr. Seuss inspired room. This would look great in my room!!

  5. I adore this! What a great idea. I think I heard on the radio today that it is Dr. Suess's birthday?


  6. Wonderful, I love bunting! what a great idea for a kids room, well done!

  7. Love the bunting AND the gorgeous curtains! :)

  8. This is a great idea! I included this in my blogs link love today!

  9. I am following you now. I love Dr. Seuss and love, love this.
    adding you to my google reader so I can keep up!!!

  10. Thanks for this amazing tutorial! I've got so many extra Seuss books laying around that I'd need to make a bunting for my playroom. I'd love to have you add this to the Dr. Seuss linky party on my children's book blog. http://www.obSEUSSed.com/p/books.html
    -Victoria, @obSEUSSed

  11. I am doing a Dr.Seuss room for my niece, and I love this idea. You have any others??!!

  12. This is precious!!!! I WILL be doing this in my classroom library soon!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    I'm your newest follower:) Come check my blog out


  13. Love it! Hope you don't mind if I'll share it with my readers tonight!