Monday, October 11, 2010

making a circus tent...

I have to admit I had no clue as to how to make a circus tent, but really wanted to make one for my little lady. I thought it would be something fun she could play in and it would go along with playing dress up, which she loves right now! So, I made a plan and here's what I did:
My materials were:
2 1/2 yards of each fabric- red, orange, blue and yellow. I bought broadcloth (not sure what it is really used for, but it was cheap and I think it will be pretty durable.)
Velcro (which I never ended up using)
1 large hoop

I first cut the fabric lengthwise into long panels, only using half of the fabric.

Once the panels were sewed together, I then placed the top of the fabric panels into the hoop and tighten it up.

I knew that this would be the tough part, making the top of the circus tent. I first made a pattern to use to cut out my fabric.

I cut out 12 triangle piece all together, 3 of each color.

All the triangle pieces have been sewed together.

Here I was pinning the top of the tent onto the side panels. I gathered the top of the fabric as I went to make it fit correctly before I sewed it. Once it was pinned I removed it from the hoop and began to sew it together on my sewing machine.

I finished off the top of the tent, where all the fabric came together. I created a small hole, so that we will be able to hang it from the ceiling.

Here is my little clown playing in here tent!

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